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Student Enrichment

New High School Class - Gone Boarding!

Gone Boarding was a class created by students at Forest Hills Northern, and by teacher Bill Curtis. Bill asked students what they would want to engineer and design, instead of building bird boxes in shop class. The response...boards!...Skate boards, surf boards, paddle boards, and snow boards! Bill and his students created a class where students design, engineer, shape, mold, and construct their very own boards. There are many levels and layers to this class.

On top of engineering and designing, the students get to use surf boards, skate boards, and snow boards at least twice a week. If the waves are up at South Beach in South Haven, we load the boards in the vehicle, get the wet-suits on, and surf South Beach! If the weather is nice, we ride the paved trail from South Haven to Van Buren State Park on our long boards. When the snow flies, we head to Timber Ridge for some snowboarding. 

The students will mentor kindergartners and first graders at South Walnut Elementary in the fall or winter months. They will teach the younger students about balance, posture on a board, and heel-to-toe work. And there’s more: the Gone Boarding students have the opportunity to visit and tour Burton Snowboards headquarters in Vermont this October, 2017! They will also have opportunities to go to Channel Islands in California and tour surf board construction. There are other big-name companies partnered with Gone Boarding and Mr. Curtis.

This class is simply amazing, there is nothing else like it anywhere! Bangor is very lucky to have such a class. Get out there and get boarding! (by Mark Meyers, Gone Boarding Teacher).

Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is located in Northern Minnesota, it's about 3 hours north of Duluth, Minnesota.

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