Technology Department

Technology Beliefs

about 1 year ago

  • Improved curriculum offerings and state-mandated guidelines drive the need for new technology
  • Strategic planning is the process by which we will create and sustain a vision for an overall technology plan
  • Implementation of this plan requires personnel and financial resources and commitment
  • It is not prudent or necessary to leap on every new and emerging technology, indeed it is usually much more responsible to allow the technology to mature and prove itself before adopting it.
  • The primary use of technology in education is to assist students and teachers in the learning process.
  • Continuing staff development is necessary to be able to accomplish our goals.

Technology Vision

about 1 year ago

  • Technology will be utilized primarily to support the teachers' curriculum in the classroom and will be integrated in such a way that the technology itself is only a vehicle to support learning efforts rather than an end in itself.
  • Self-Directed and collaborative learners understand basic computer operations
  • All students have equal access to all technologies and utilize those technologies
  • Student have live interactive adventures around the world and around the country without leaving the district
  • Students have live interaction with content matter specialists and field experts in cultural topics, science and math disciplines and languages.
  • Students utilize multimedia and telecommunication technologies effectively. All students are provided technology supported learning situations characterized by high expectations and involvement.
  • Teaching staff and support personnel are comfortable with technology and its uses in the classroom
  • Students are equipped with 21st Century skills
  • Students recognize the benefits and drawbacks of technology and are able to make good choices when using technology
  • Students recognize the dangers of some technologies and are able to make choices that keep themselves safe.

Technology Goals

about 1 year ago

  • Enhance technological use in school and at home
  • Networked software and central electronic communication will allow for a wide range of curriculum based applications for a better learning environment.
  • In conjunction with the Technology Committee, the Curriculum Director and Curriculum Committee, select curriculum supportive software and hardware and use instructional methods adaptable and accessible to technology.
  • In each classroom, students and teachers will use technology and information systems as an interactive productivity tool to enhance involvement in the learning process.
  • In each classroom, software and hardware will be available to enhance and supplement the written curriculum goals.
  • Students and teachers will use information systems to go beyond the walls of the classroom by participating in classroom instruction that originates in other schools, states and countries.
  • Students will have access to an expanded curriculum incorporating technology tools.
  • Implement a comprehensive Training Program for staff.
  • These goals are stated with the direct connection to the previously stated Technology Vision. They are intended to support the vision as stated
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