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Technology Vision

  • Technology will be utilized primarily to support the teachers’ curriculum in the classroom and will be integrated in such a way that the technology itself is only a vehicle to support learning efforts rather than an end in itself.
  • Self-Directed and collaborative learners understand basic computer operations
  • All students have equal access to all technologies and utilize those technologies
  • Student have live interactive adventures around the world and around the country without leaving the district
  • Students have live interaction with content matter specialists and field experts in cultural topics, science and math disciplines and languages.
  • Students utilize multimedia and telecommunication technologies effectively. All students are provided technology supported learning situations characterized by high expectations and involvement.
  • Teaching staff and support personnel are comfortable with technology and its uses in the classroom
  • Students are equipped with 21st Century skills
  • Students recognize the benefits and drawbacks of technology and are able to make good choices when using technology
  • Students recognize the dangers of some technologies and are able to make choices that keep themselves safe.


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