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Technology Goals

  • Enhance technological use in school and at home
  • Networked software and central electronic communication will allow for a wide range of curriculum based applications for a better learning environment.
  • In conjunction with the Technology Committee, the Curriculum Director and Curriculum Committee, select curriculum supportive software and hardware and use instructional methods adaptable and accessible to technology.
  • In each classroom, students and teachers will use technology and information systems as an interactive productivity tool to enhance involvement in the learning process.
  • In each classroom, software and hardware will be available to enhance and supplement the written curriculum goals.
  • Students and teachers will use information systems to go beyond the walls of the classroom by participating in classroom instruction that originates in other schools, states and countries.
  • Students will have access to an expanded curriculum incorporating technology tools.
  • Implement a comprehensive Training Program for staff.
  • These goals are stated with the direct connection to the previously stated Technology Vision. They are intended to support the vision as stated


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