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South Walnut Elementary Media/Library  

Middle School will be holding their Only Book Fair February 15 - 22. Check it out during conferences and help support them! More information as it becomes available.

Hours of Operation: 8:10 am - 3:00 pm

Renee Wines -- District Library Coordinator 

Mission Statement:

To promote the enjoyment of reading, to nurture the growth of lifelong independent learning, to support the curriculum by providing access to information in all methods, and collaborate with staff members to provide engaging learning experiences.

Helpful Links: Michigan eLibrary  -- Accelerated Reader Book finder -- Author Mo Willems -- Fun and educational for kids  -- Kid games, animals, and stories -- Stories and games -- Learning fun website  -- Learning games, coloring, and puzzles

New Book Reviews:

Image result for hector and hummingbird
Hector and Hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith

Hector is a bear with a problem. His best friend, Hummingbird, is just so NOISY! Worse still, Hummingbird won't stop copying him. Whatever Hector does, Hummingbird wants to do it too - really LOUDLY. Poor Hector. Will he ever find a bit of peace and quiet?

Image result for click clack surprise
Click Clack Surprise! By Doreen Cronin

Little Duck learns how to celebrate his birthday with a little help from all the other animals on the farm.

Image result for eerie elementary sam battles the machine
Eerie Elementary; Sam Battles the Machine By Jack Chabert

There's a strange, new substitute teacher at Eerie Elementary. Sam, Lucky, and Antonio are shocked when they see him. He looks exactly like Orson Eerie! Then Sam spots him talking to the school -- and building a big, creepy machine! What is this mysterious teacher up to? Could he be trying to bring Orson Eerie back to life for real?! Read it and find out.....

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