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BPS Emergency Drill Summary 2014-2015

Letter from the Superintendent:

Dear Bangor Public Schools Community, 

Superintendent PictureI am incredibly honored to serve as superintendent of Bangor Public Schools (BPS), and I look forward to working with you to ensure that every student and every school thrives. Bangor is an amazing city with a rich history. I am excited to serve in this new role.

I have always been inspired by the passion our teachers and administrators display for the district and their willingness to think boldly in an effort to create the very best educational opportunities for our students. We share a deep belief in the power of education to transform the lives of children. Working together, I know that we can make this belief a reality for all students.

I will begin my tenure as superintendent with a structured entry plan. The purpose of the plan is to interact with a variety of stakeholders and community leaders with diverse perspectives. The insights I gain will help me make informed decisions that will build on accomplishments of the past and take Bangor Public Schools to new levels of success. The plan will enable us to begin working together purposefully and allow me to “hit the ground learning.” It will serve as a beginning: of our partnership and our embracing a new set of actions that will evolve and expand with your input and our learning.

We must collectively build on the successes made in years past. Although we have made much progress, we still have substantially more work to do to keep us moving forward, and we will do it to make certain that every student graduates from Bangor Public Schools with multiple options for his or her future.

I continue to be impressed by Bangor’s commitment to learning and innovation. Thank you in advance for your willingness to engage with me during this entry process and beyond. You have my commitment to work effectively and urgently on behalf of the students and families of our city. You also have my promise to partner with the entire Bangor community to focus on a vibrant and transformative future for all of our students.

Dennis P. Paquette,
Bangor Public Schools

"Providing Educational Excellence as a Pathway to Success"

Our Values: Excellence, Pride, Teamwork, Diversity, Integrity, Compassion

The Bangor Public Schools offer a high quality education in grades Kindergarten through Twelve, specializing in programs for our students varying abilities and interests.

We are very proud of the additions, upgrades and improvements to our K-12 facilities. This school year our students will see a new track, team rooms, concessions and bathrooms at Viking Stadium; upgrades to our locker rooms, new doors and windows at the middle school and high school buildings and expanded classroom technology.

The Bangor Public Schools are excited about our many student offerings that include:

  • An Award-Winning Music Program
  • A K-12 Art Program
  • A Broadcast News Program
  • An Award-Winning Quiz Bowl Team
  • A K-12 Migrant/Bilingual Program
  • Summer School Offerings
  • On-Line Educational Opportunities
  • A high-quality 7-12 Athletic Department that boasts:
    • Championship Wrestling
    • Volleyball
    • Cross Country
    • Track Teams
    • Boys & Girls Soccer
    • Boys and Girls Basketball
    • 15 Varsity Athletic Teams
    • 10 All-State Athletes in the 2012-2013 School Year

The next School Board meeting is Monday, September 8th at 6:00 p.m. in the High School Media Center.