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Bond Construction Updates

Progress Report August 19th 2013
Progress Report July 20th 2012
Progress Report October 17th 2012

Technology Updates
Parking Lot Renovations

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Yes we will be complete with the interior H.S./M.S. Renovations before the start of class.  I will admit it will be a creative and difficult finish but we will make it. We have been firmly reminding the trades about the obligation they took on with our short construction schedule and have been met with most of them cooperating fully.  We will be slowly finishing areas off the next couple weeks but slow progress is always better than no progress. I have placed dates on the chalkboard outside the main office and plan on sticking to those interior dates without fail and we will hit the exterior ones as close as the weather will allow. 

We are at a complete standstill on the track due to weather and I will insist that we do not rush the paving of the track just to meet a deadline.  We have time to get it complete before football but not before school.  From last Wednesday’s rain it was still wet in spots as of Saturday so today’s rain does not help the cause.  We are penciled in to pave it Thursday but that will depend on if it is dry enough. Again we must not rush this as we only get one shot to get it correct. I would say Monday the 19th would be a more appropriate day.

The parking lot will be ready to pave late in the week next week or at the latest we are currently slated to pave on Monday August 26th.

We are turning over the kitchen on August 20th

We are installing M.S. Carpet Monday August 19th. 

The electrical work related to the technology package in the M.S. will be completed by the end of the week. HS by end of next week. 

Work Completed 8-4-13 through 8-11-13

  1. Kitchen floor tile complete.  
  2. Kitchen wall paint first coat(ran out of paint 2nd coat today)  
  3. H167 and H169 Bathroom wall and floor tile complete.  
  4. Storage Hall floor tile complete.  
  5. Metal Panel in new windows installed.  
  6. Girls locker room new walls complete(block)  
  7. Girls locker room shower tile started.  
  8. Gymnasium Roof ½ complete.  
  9. Concession Ceiling grid and board complete. First coats of drywall in concession area installed.  
  10. Track gravel completed final grading scheduled for today has been moved due to weather.  
  11. New gas service from existing meter to the new concession is installed.  
  12. Lighting rework for H.S. complete.  
  13. M.S. corridor lockers 90% installed(tops not finished)
  14. M.S. Corridor painting 90%
  15. M.S. courtyard windows installed.
  16. H.S. Courtyard windows 50% 

Work Projected 8-12-13 through 8-18-13 

  1. Complete H.S. courtyard windows.
  2. Pave track(Thursday or Friday depending on weather)
  3. Begin filling of boiler system in M.S.
  4. Install ceiling grid in kitchen.
  5. Install ceiling grid in H167 and H169
  6. Install ceiling grid in corridors around gymnasium.
  7. Install Lighting in Kitchen
  8. Install lighting in H167 and H169
  9. Install Storm and Sanitary lines through parking lot.
  10. Dig out planter area to replace bad soil conditions.
  11. Dig out existing Concession and tile and replace sand.
  12. Finish Gymnasium roof.
  13. Begin fixture installation in H167 and H169
  14. Begin re installation of kitchen equipment(allow time for kitchen staff to clean it)
  15. Complete paint in M.S. corridor
  16. Begin ceiling in girls locker room
  17. Caulk windows currently in place both sides.
  18. Install countertops in concession stand.
  19. Install doors in M.S. and H.S.(we have two more planned install dates for doors)
  20. Install fascia and soffit on concession stand.
  21. Pour sidewalks at areas that dry out
  22. Install fence posts and flagpole base at concession
  23. final grade and prep for concrete work around concession.

I am sure I may have missed a few items here but this list accounts for most of what we will work on this week.  If you have any questions please call or stop by and we can go over them.

Work Completed 7-15-13 to 7-19-13  


  1. Finished track drain  
  2. Finished 90% underground plumbing and electrical rough in for  kitchen, girl’s locker room, girls bathroom  
  3. Enlarged louver opening to allow for air handling units to be set.  
  4. Finished block in concession.  
  5. Re-shingled existing concession  
  6. Pulverized main lot  
  7. began storm structure work  
  8. mechanical equipment in the lower mechanical room(by kitchen) set 90%  
  9. Fire alarm panel/system cutover in middle school  
  10. Storm basin set and new pipe run at visitors bleacher side. 

Work Projected 7-15-13 to 7-19-13

  1. Paint New   Concession   Building    
  2.   Begin  Middle School Corridor Paint
  3. Pour Kitchen, Girls Locker room and Girls bathroom floors
  4. Wall tile in H167 and H169 to begin
  5. Tear out front loop sidewalks
  6. Prep and pour front loop sidewalks.
  7. tear out planter boxes and work on west side of building.
  8. set new light pole bases.
  9. finish equipment set in receiving mechanical room.
  10. Demo main office windows
  11. Set east elevation windows of high school
  12. Set middle school courtyard windows.
  13. Ongoing rough in for boys locker room
  14. ongoing ms boiler room work.
  15. Ongoing fire alarm work in High School
  16. Ongoing power systems for technology upgrades
  17. Ongoing HS Lighting.
  18. Ongoing MS roofing

I may have to reconsider calling these the Monday Morning updates….We had a good week last week and other than the weather forecast we should have good progress inside this week.  Outside work is questionable but we will pour and place as much work as possible.


Work Completed 6-17-13 to 6-21-13 

  1. Block Walls at visitors and Home stands complete.
  2. S.O.G. at concessions complete and 7-day cure done.
  3. Demolition of locker room lockers complete.
  4. Prep of maintenance loop for asphalt 50%.
  5. New walks poured at bleachers.
  6. Demolition of lower mechanical room complete(receiving)
  7. Loading dock area prepped for concrete
  8. Middle School Bulb and Ballast replacement 70% complete.

Work Projected 6-24-13 to 6-28-13 

  1. Block walls at concession.
  2. Mechanical and electrical rough in at concession block walls.
  3. Upper Mechanical room demo complete
  4. Roof work on middle school (weather permitting)
  5. Demolition of women’s locker room complete
  6. Demolition of middle school restrooms complete.
  7. Fire alarm rough in
  8. Bulb and Ballast replacement in middle school complete.
  9. Ongoing MS and Primary Boiler room work.
  10. Prep track under drainage.
  11. Pour wall cap at bleachers
  12. Pour loading dock area and walks

Items for you to take a look at and resolve.

  1. Long Jump and Pole Vault Pits need to be moved out of existing concessions building.
  2. Middle School Hallways need to be clear of any and all items so we can strip the carpeting.  We can have stuff back in once carpet is up until towards the end when we install the new carpet.
  3. Remind staff that plastic barriers need to be left up so we can control the dust from spreading.  I know it is inconvenient to have to walk around but we are making a mess and need it to stay contained.

To pour the long jump or to not pour the long jump, that is the question. OK…That’s enough reference to Hamlet. We are moving along at a nice pace with our interior work and I anticipate this to continue as we demo through the areas.  It is my understanding that there will be a decision made tomorrow with the field events and that will allow us to move forward with track work and ease my mind about our progress outside. Roofing operations are nearing completion at Primary and South Walnut and then we will shift to the Middle School.  Weather permitting we will wrap up membrane operations at both Primary and South Walnut by Friday.

Concrete walks and drives are being pulled as we speak in the loading dock area and Southwest is working on re-grading for the new drive and walks. By the end of next week we will be ready to place our base coat of asphalt.

Work Completed 6-10-13 to 6-14-13 

  1. Concession Shingles complete  
  2. S.O.G. at concession prepped and ready for 6-17 pour.  
  3. Storage tank removed form MS boiler room.  
  4. Mechanical pads poured at Primary and MS boiler rooms.  
  5. Abatement Complete on MS window panels.  
  6. Blinds removed at all classroom locations.  
  7. New Boilers Placed inside MS boiler room.  
  8. Kitchen Equipment Removed and stored in halls.  
  9. Kitchen floor removed.  
  10. Boys(169) and Girls(167) Restrooms ceiling removed and floor cut.  
  11. Kitchen ceiling removed.  
  12. Lower Mechanical room(receiving) ductwork remove began.  
  13. Ballast Replacement and Bulb change out in progress through MS.  

Work Projected 6-17-13 to 6-21-13

  1. Block wall at visitors and home stands  
  2. Pour S.O.G. at concessions  
  3. Demo of locker rooms in high school 
  4. Kitchen underground rough ins 50%
  5. Prep maintenance loop for asphalt.
  6. Pour new walks on bleachers.
  7. Pour Long Jump Pits and runways(depending on owner decision)
  8. Dig Pole Vault Pits and Runway
  9. Prep maintenance loop walks for new concrete.
  10. Finish Demo of lower mechanical room(receiving)

Work Completed 5-28-13 to 5-31-13


 Truss set and sheathing 90%

  1. Demolition of existing concessions walls, mechanical and electrical complete.  
  2. Demolition of MS and Primary Boiler Rooms 99% complete(waiting on school to be out to pull tank in MS and primary boiler will be pulled same time).  
  3. Helical Tie backs completed and 97% grouted.  

  Work projected 6-3-13 to 6-7-13 

  1. Finish Sheathing at concession/team room  
  2. Shingle Concession Team Room  
  3. Remove Long jump and pole vault runways and pits.  
  4. Remove stairs and handrails at bleachers.  
  5. Remove floor in existing concession for mechanical underground. 
  6. Begin underground mechanical and electrical rough ins at existing concession.
  7. Remove window at primary boiler room and board up(access to remove boiler)
  8. Prep long jump and pole vault areas for new paving.
  9. Primary Gymnasium roof replacement underway.  Roof drains to be replaced.(4 on gym and 2 in building)

 Things to remember:

  1. Monday 6-10-13 starts removal of maintenance loop.
  2. Starting Monday 6-10-13 no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the buildings.
  3. Starting Monday 6-10-13 we will be working on the middle school windows starting near the loading docks.  All items on desks and shelves inside classrooms need to be moved away from the window openings or removed from the space. We will have each hole closed back up before we leave but the space will not be protected from wind blowing in during or daily activities.

Construction Update 5/20/13

We are on hold for starting the track until Wednesday 5-22-13 per e-mail conversation I had with Jeff on Friday.  I need to know what our plan is for the track team to practice elsewhere so I can schedule the concrete crew (underpinning) accordingly.

Work Completed 5-13-13 to 5-17-13 

  1. Concession building Block complete. 
  2. Electrical underground rough in complete at concession building.
  3. Block wash at concession 75% complete.
  4. Backfill of concession complete(in prep for floor slab) 

Work Scheduled 5-20-13 to 5-24-13 

  1. Finish block wash at concession stand.
  2. Set trusses at concession stand.
  3. Start Track Helical Tie Backs at Bleachers.
  4. Shutdown MS Boilers and begin demolition of space.
  5. Abate asbestos wiring in electric boilers.
  6. Demo electrical systems in MS boiler room.

Work Completed 4-15-13 to 4-19-13


  1. Foam insulation placed on foundation walls.
  2. Backfill of foundation walls.
  3. Pump water out of building footprint. J

Work Projected 4-22-13 to 4-26-13

  1. Mobilize Mason to site.
  2. Begin Underground Electrical rough in.
  3. Begin exterior masonry construction.
  4. Begin Underground plumbing rough in.

Bond Update 4/15/13

As predicted the weather did not cooperate last week.  Good news is we were able to pour the footings and foundations 100%.

Work Completed 4-8-13 to 4-12-13

  1. Ticket Booth and piers excavated.
  2. Inspections completed.
  3. Cleanup from concrete operations.
  4. Footing and foundation walls(including piers) 100% Completed.

Work Projected 4-15-13 to 4-19-13

  1. Install perimeter foam insulation at interior foundation walls(excluding ticket booth).
  2. Backfill foundation.
  3. Prep for SOG.
  4. Begin Masonry walls.
  5. Begin electrical rough in.
  6. Begin Mechanical rough in.
  7. Insections.

We are facing possible rain issues mid week but should be able to get a few things done.


Bond Update 10/11/12
A final planning meeting was held on Wednesday, October 10th.  The scope of the work to be done was reviewed by the architectural firm, the construction management firm, and the school bond committee.  Preliminary work has been completed and bids are being prepared.  The roof work on the C.E.C. (the old Primary building) is to be completed this fall weather permitting.  The section of the South Walnut roof that was not repaired in the original construction of that building has been worked on, but is buttoned up for the winter, and to be completed in the spring.  All major repair and construction will begin in the spring and is due for completion by November, 2013.  Thanks again to all who made this much needed project possible, we think you will be pleased with the outcome.  Updates will continue to be posted as things happen.


Bond Update
Roof bids were awarded to Modern Roofing for the South Walnut section that was not redone when the new addition was completed, that work will start August 6th, and be finished by Sept. 4th.  The primary roof and the hs/ms roof replacement was awarded to Great Lakes Systems, and work is scheduled to start in the spring and be finished by the start of school in Sept. 2013.  The Primary section is to start Sept. 4th, and work is scheduled through October, weather permitting.